"To be a woman and a plastic Surgeon is an advantage to me. I, like anyone else, am a potential patient. Like other women, I have suffered the routine agony of pregnancy and time. I have also tried the anti-wrinkle, anti-cellulite creams, the flat power and the cellu-M6.

This approach is a characteristic of our womanly traits, and whilst it is an important approach, many patients told me they came into my office because I was a woman and would listen and understand them better, which is true also in Paediatric Plastic Surgery.

The initiative towards plastic surgery is meaningful. It reflects the intimate link between the wished image and the real image, whether it is face or body. This wished image is analyzed according to each individual.

I cannot give absolute beauty to everyone, but I can restore his/her own wished image to the natural potential of the individual, without surrendering to the dictatorship of society and the media. All procedures need to be tailored to your individual needs".

Mrs Vasseur will be happy to give you a friendly and honest opinion on your suitability for surgery at your consultation.

Last update : 02/04/2015

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